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Joshua Hunt

Milwaukee, WI





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Portrait of Artist with Painting " The Give and Take", Oil on Canvas, 2014, Joshua Hunt

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Collaboration with Deidre Prosen addressing personal and social themes through the artists' lens.

The capstone series of my color theory research. Included are 'extractions' of digital arrangements converted into vibrant oil paintings. This body of work explores the inter-workings of additive and subtractive color theory.

Familiar yet disorienting. In a world with routes established and frontiers conquered-- these images antagonize the paths we follow. 

Artist in Studio working on "Plastic Mind", Mixed Media Installation, 2014, Joshua Hunt

"Plastic Mind" highlights imagination and play as an artistic process. It serves as a commentary on painting aesthetics. The project targets physical associations of form and material as a metaphor for the inter-workings of the human brain.

MKE Flag (Variation), Digital, 2013, Joshua Hunt


The Milwaukee Flag design project stabs at redesigning the low ranked official city flag of Milwaukee.  MKE flag is inspired by the city's connection to nature and unique urban identity and culture.

Mona Lisa Master Copies (da Vinci, 1506), Digital, 2013, Joshua Hunt

These "Master Copies" take the idea of master copying not as a way to understand technical approaches but rather to address the conceptual demands of famed subjects and artworks.

Studies in Shades and Tints, Digital, 2013, Joshua Hunt

Color Theory is inspired by my fascination of color relationships and theory. Traditional and contemporary models of both additive and subtractive color models stand as a point of investigation and wonder.

Big Bang, Digital, 2013, Joshua Hunt

Created within digital processes “Light Fields” respond to the value of traditional physical artifacts (such as painting or sculpture) as the importance of this project lays in its non-physical properties (memory file) rather than being a tangible, physical artwork.

Outsiders' Dilemma (Detail), Digital, Joshua Hunt

In this project, “Outiders’ Dilema (Modern Memes),” I created a series of internet art-memes critiquing contemporary aesthetics and artists though stark, somewhat abrasive, phrases that reflect challenges of the emerging artist.

Little Boy, Fat Man (Harry Truman), Digital, 2012, Joshua Hunt

This visual timeline,  "American History (1945-Today),"  represents the progression of events that defines our country and world through portraits of last 12 U.S. Presidents since WWII. With this project, I portray themes of the nuclear age, globalization, and national tragedies and triumphs and their impact upon the world.

Harry Yoder Guides Campers to First Induction- July 16, 1915. Graphite, 2010, Joshua Hunt

These drawings are a part of a commission given by the Boy Scouts of America to commemorate the Order of the Arrow's (BSA's national honor society) upcoming 100th anniversary.

American Landscape Study, Graphite, 2012, Joshua Hunt

In this series, “American Landscapes,” I investigate the role of human morality and its impact on social obligation in a contemporary world.

Personal Landmarks (Milwaukee), Thirty-Five, 2012, Joshua Hunt

In this collection, I used photography as a self-exploratory tool to create a personal narrative by showcasing my art, experiences, and environment.

Undergraduate Studio, Photograph, 2010, Joshua Hunt

These works capture selected works from my undergraduate at UWM. As a BFA - Art Education student I took a set of studio courses ranging from painting/ drawing, ceramics, photography, metalsmithing, fibers, digital, sculpture, and printmaking.