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Joshua Hunt

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Plastic Mind (2014)

Never too old to build a fort.

"Plastic Mind", highlights imagination and play as an artistic process, serves as a commentary on painting aesthetics, and places physical associations of form and material as a metaphor for the interworking of the human brain.


The installation is made mostly out of wooden stretcher frames and lattice as basis of the sprawling arrangement throughout my art studio. Other readymade objects include: unprimed canvas, drawing table, art easels, rulers, T-square, measuring tape, level, 1 gallon of white paint, oil tubes, paint brushes and rollers, painter rags, frames, wood saw, coffee cup, Army Officer's coat, American flag, fencing saber and face-cover, and fireman's axe.


The title, "Plastic Mind", refers to the term "plasticity." In the mind and in physical form, plasticity implies change, alteration, or manipulation. The installation's composition and spatial form is inspired by neurons and synapse pathways. The interconnectedness of the balanced materials and personal artifacts is representation of memories, associations, and functions found within the human mind.


The majority of the materials I used are art supplies used to construct and producing paintings. The installation itself is allegoric to painting or still-life though does not consist of any brush strokes or marks. The empty canvas, wooden stretchers, and decorative frames suggest an invitation of imagination and play. 


Plastic Mind, Mixed Media, 2014, Joshua Hunt
Plastic Mind, Mixed Media, 2014, Joshua Hunt